Central Heating Systems Fitted For Just 5,900€ inc IVA

Central heating creates a very pleasant and warm environment in the home during the cooler periods of the year. Convenient and very controllable if the system is installed correctly.

Essentially central heating is where heat is created in a convenient place, and distributed to the other areas where it is to be enjoyed. Warm air or water may be used to get the warmth to the rooms where you are.

We offer advice on the different types of systems that would suit your particular needs; combination system or a sealed system. We would take room measurements, note the age and type of construction, existing insulation and window glazing in order to estimate the type and size of boiler required. Types of boilers include: conventional, combination, condensing, storage tanks or pressurised cylinders.

We install most types of boilers, new, replacements or up-grades. We install complete central heating systems. We also offer installation, relocation and/or replacements of radiators to existing systems.

Our Combination Boiler Contract

We aim to provide a safe, high quality service of repair and maintenance of the agreed equipment (boiler, controls and your central heating system).

Your boiler is the most crucial part of your home’s hot water and central heating system, but when it breaks down it can be the most expensive.

We will service your boiler to stop problems before they start or a radiator that refuses to warm up our engineer can be there to help you sort it out.

You could have a Contract that will give you complete peace of mind with a no more hassle trying to find a reliable, qualified and vetted English engineer to resolve all your boiler problems.

What This Contract Provides:

One safety and maintenance inspection in every year of your contract. This we aim to carry out at the same time every year within 7 days of you signing the contract.

Plus: Our contract (a) includes Three emergency call outs in every year of your contract (only if your boiler breaks down) this provides labour but does not include parts.

Or: Contract (b) includes all as in (a) plus parts and labour and a replacement boiler, your boiler must be less than 5 years old when signing a three year contract
Costs per year contract (a) 199 or contract (b) 399

If you exceed the above listed quota or Require our Services then the following charges apply.

Safety and Maintenance Check : 85€

Hourly rate : 65€ for 1st hour then 45€ an hour thereafter

Power Flush : 95€

You can choose to have extra work done but this will be chargeable. We will quote you first before any work is carried out.

Safety and Maintenance Check

The inspection is carried out to check that your boiler, controls and central heating system is functioning correctly i.e. water pressure, gas pressure, filters cleaned, pumps working, no leaks and the inhibitor level is correct in the radiators, etc

If during the inspection a power flush or similar proves necessary by our engineer this can be actioned immediately by using one of your call outs (fluid used is chargeable). This is a way of removing sludge, hard water scale and other waste matter from your system as this can increase the life of your boiler and improve efficiency. If after the first year of your contract you only use two of your call outs the power flush service could be free in the second year. We recommend that this is repeated every two to three years. If however you do not make a claim against this yearly contract you will be in titled to a discount the following year.

Call outs  (Contract Only)

We aim to carry out this priority call out service within 24 hours. If you phone in before 10am, an engineer will endeavor to be with you the same day. The repairs however do depend on parts being available. We do carry a large range of spare parts at all times. We will endeavor to meet our responsibilities under this agreement within a reasonable time unless it is impossible for us to do so because of circumstances out of our control.

What this contract does not cover:

  • Parts or replacement of your boiler
  • The cost of repairs needed because of design faults
  • A fault which existed before you entered into this contract and which could not be identified on initial inspection
  • Loss or damage to property caused by appliances breaking down e.g. damage to furniture caused by a water leak
  • Removal of sludge, hard water scale and other waste matter from the central heating boiler (power flush), unless the engineer recommends it.

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