Underfloor Heating

"Nine Months Of Summer Three Months Of Hell"

This common proverb rhymes in Spanish to describe the country’s hotter areas – such as Alicante. And understandably, those three months of hell are a local obsession: the vast majority of homes in this area are built to keep out heat with little regard for winter’s chill. But, fortunately the options are growing for those seeking comfort during the “three months of winter” Electric Underfloor Heating!.

As a specialist electric underfloor heating installer of electric underfloor heating we offer a wide range of heating systems to suit all floor types. We provide electric underfloor heating solutions for wooden floors right through to the more powerful heating systems that are ideal for tile floors.

We supply felectric underfloor heating In the Alicante, Dolores, Elche, Guardamar, La Marina, Los Montesinos, Quesada, San Miguel, Torrevieja & Villamartin areas on the Costa Blanca here in Spain.

Tiled floor finish on concrete or screed base

All solid floors whether concrete, screed or asphelt require some form of insulation beneath then or preferably above in the form of an insulated backing board prior to installation of your electric underfloor heating. Heating mats or cables are attached directly to the insulated screed or insulated tile backing board prior to tiling directly over with a flexible floor tile adhesive. Design will vary from 100w/m² to 200w/m² dependent on floor base specification and heating requirments.

Tiled floor finish on to timber / plywood base

All timber floors whether floor boards, chipboard or plywood must be assessed to confirm structural integrity and suitability for tiling prior to installation of electric underfloor heating. Floor boards will always require provision of insulated tile backing boards before heating can be installed. Mats and cables can be fitted directly on to ply-wood and moisture proof chipboard, providing that the floor is treated with a suitable priming solution. Design will vary from 100w/m² to 150w/m² dependent on floor base specification.

As a general rule for both of the above scenarios, under tile cables offer a far more flexible heating solution in terms of area coverage and heat output. Under tile mats provide a quick solution for areas of a regular shape.

All electric underfloor heating installations must be connected via an RCD (earth trip) protected circuit. All electric underfloor heating applications in bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms must use heating cables with an earth screen.

Cables / mats with twin conductors are considered easier to install than single wire alternatives.

The reasons for its increasing popularity are many:

  1. Electric underfloor heating is invisible and doesn’t take up valuable wall space with unsightly radiators that need to be maintained.
  2. Electric underfloor heating heats the lower part of a room and gives a feeling of natural warmth. Your feet will be slightly warmer than your head – perfect for comfort.
  3. With electric underfloor heating, the entire floor becomes a radiator. And because of its area, it does not have to reach the high temperatures of a standard wall radiator.
  4. Electric underfloor heating can be used with concrete floors and all types of wooden floors. It can be used at ground level and upstairs. And it can be used with all types of floor covering – stone, tiles, wood, carpets.
  5. Although it can be more expensive to install, electric underfloor heating often proves more economical in the long run, particularly in well insulated larger properties. What’s more, the underfloor heating industry is increasingly competitive and the cost of installation is now comparable to radiators in many cases.
  6. Energy savings of up to 40% can be achieved compared to conventional heating systems if a condensing boiler is installed, but even with a standard boiler up to 15% energy savings are normal. Servicing costs are also low and the efficiency of condensing boilers is enhanced thanks to water returning at a lower temperature. For green energy enthusiasts, geothermal energy is the perfect cost effective companion to a warm water underfloor heating system.
  7. By employing full lengths of piping without any joints, warm water underfloor heating is practically maintenance free. And the piping used has a lifespan of up to 100 years.
  8. Asthma sufferers can benefit from electric underfloor heating because it reduces the circulation of both dust and dust mites. The moisture content of the warmth produced by electric underfloor heating is also too low for dust mites.


Our electric underfloor heating system is a mains voltage system which is controlled by a programmable thermostat and floor sensor. The system output can be adjusted from 80 to 200 watts per m². Our systems are installed when the base floor is being laid and is covered with a minimum sand cement screed.

  • New build/new floors with a minimum covering of sand/cement screed on top depending on the floor construction
  • Mains Voltage
  • Variable wattage using spacer strips
  • 7mm waterproof resistance cable
  • Can be primary or comfort heating system
  • Maintenance free heating
  • Cheaper to install in large areas
  • Operates through a digital thermostat control and floor sensor with 6 programmes – economy settings and energy check facility.
  • For concrete or wooden floors with any type of floor finish

An ideal conservatory heating system. We have also used this product as a mains source of heat for new flats and apartment projects.

Our electric underfloor heating system is very cost effective and efficient for large areas.

An electric under floor heating system which is suitable for almost every situation and floor construction, and an ideal “invisible” heat source with no clutter from pipes and radiators.

Our system offers complete freedom in the location of furniture and internal room divisions; it is totally silent and maintenance-free. Our system makes optimal use of the heat storage properties of the floor to promote even heat delivery. This ensures extremely comfortable and pleasant floor temperature. Fitting a separate built-in digital clock thermostat within each room allows each space to be heated according to individual heating requirements and in line with the level of occupation. This allows the highest possible levels of comfort in an extreme efficient and energy-conscious manner.

Our electric underfloor heating system can be installed in virtually any shape or size of room. The total constructional depth required (finishing floor screed and heating system) is approximately 30 mm for non-floating floors. Where extra floor insulation is used (e.g. floating floors) the minimal constructional depth required is 65mm. The cable can be fixed to concrete reinforcing mesh using tie raps or directly to the concrete sub floor using spacer strips.

Our electrical under floor heating provides advantages in comparison to water based floor heating systems

  • Suitable as main* or auxiliary heating source
  • Very easy to use
  • No water: no risk for water leakage!
  • No break and cutter work necessary
  • To be installed directly under the top layer.
  • Every room can have its own thermostat
  • The highest possible level of comfort
  • Extremely efficient and energy-conscious
  • No maintenance costs

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