After an extensive worldwide search we are pleased to introduce to Spain what we think is the best Out Door Swimming Pool Heat Pump on the market.

As technology improves and more is spent on research and development there are many good heat pumps available but we think this swimming pool heat pump has the edge on all others.

So What Is So Good About A Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Designing a swimming pool heat pump is all about getting the balance between the gas compressor, the heat exchanger and the evaporator to produce the most heat for the least energy input. But not only that. The performance at low temperatures and the noise produced are just as important. To make a swimming pool heat pump produce 4 times its input at 38 deg C is easy. To make one produce nearly 5 times its input at 10 deg C (typical night time temperatures in Spain) and do it quietly takes clever design and a dedication to quality. Add to this a warranty lasting up to 10 years and you can see what makes our out door Swimming Pool Heat pumps stand out from the pack.

Made using only the best quality components.

Easy to install

Cheap to run

Simple to use

Environmentally friendly

Our New Range Is Now Available

Typical Pool Size

4m x 8m   | 2950.00 €  inc.  IVA
5m x 10m | 3700.00 €  inc. IVA
6m x 12m | 4950.00 €  inc. IVA

Some Important Features Of Our Swimming Pool Heat Pumps:

  • Full Parts & Labour warranty in first two years
  • Electronic de-icing and defrost control.
  • Fibre glass casing – no rust.
  • Electronic self-diagnostic control panel
  • Quiet 53 dB noise level.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are sited outdoors. All you will need an electricity supply to it and the plumbing to the swimming pool pipe work is simple.

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