Constructing a swimming pool is a highly skilled and complicated job. Most people decide that it is best left to a professional swimming pool constructor. It would take a lot of pages if we have to describe you every step of the process, so we rather give you some of the factors to consider before constructing a swimming pool. Perhaps the most basic is the exact placement of the pool on your property. Our basic guide line is that your swimming pool must be situated at the rear of the property. We advice you to have your pool built in a place well cleared of all the foundations of your house.

Once we have visited your property, taken the dimensions and you tell us your idea of your desired pool we will tell you a few important points to bear in mind, such as the pool depth, calculation of the total surface area to ensure compatibility in the cases of heated pool. We also have to work out the total volume of your pool and advice you on the correct size of filters, pumps etc. that we are going to install.

We are fully legal here in Spain and have public liability insurance.

We design and build Swimming pools of exceptional quality and they are always thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our unrivalled high standards before handing over to you for years of pleasure.

It is amazing what goes on behind the scenes in the construction of your pool. We have many people directly involved in a minimum of 12 skilled phases, from excavation through start up.

  1. Planning the layout and placement of the pool.
  2. Excavation, preferably clearing the soil from the site as it is removed.
  3. Fitting the structural elements (skimmer box, main drain unit, return pipes, lights etc.)
  4. Building the “shell” of the pool with reinforced concrete.
  5. Building the surrounding decking.
  6. Plastering of the pool
  7. Applying the finish to the pool interior (tiled, marbled etc).
  8. Installing the working parts (valves, pumps. filters, heaters)
  9. Making the electrical connections.
  10. Any final concreting/paving of the surrounding area.
  11. Start-Up
  12. Clean up

We will construct your Swimming pool usually in four to six Weeks, including preparation of the relevant areas and excavation and have many years experience of pool construction offering expert design solutions and innovative construction techniques.

Our Underwater Tiler / Tiling services

Pool repairs including leaks, loose or missing tiles and faulty filters or lighting, can be carried out quickly and efficiently often without the need to drain the pool

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