Windows, Doors & Conservatory’s

Wooden, UPVC or Aluminium, Double glazed, Patio Doors, Mosquito Screens, Persiana Blinds

Choosing the right style of UPVC window for you is influenced by several factors – a design to complement your home, ventilation requirements, fire escape requirements or an individual design with some decorative glass.

We can also offer a range of UPVC bow windows that will enhance the look of your property and make your room feel bigger.

There are other options as well available to create an individual design; from different wood-grain finishes to the many different decorative glass options there are available.

Window Frame Finish, Colour And Handles

There are options in colour that will fit with your home. Whether a pure white UPVC frame or mahogany wood or oak complements your house, we can offer either. There is also a choice of handles including white, gold and silver chrome.


We have always believed that security should be a priority on all our doors. The glass should be internally beaded and the locking mechanism should have several locking points as part of its system.

Decorative Glass

We have many different ways to complement your windows, doors or conservatory with decorative glass, and there are many different types available. UPVC doors & windows not only look great, they last a lifetime and are very easy to maintain. A conservatory is a major addition to any house. The need to get it right is paramount and can lead to many years of great enjoyment from it for many reasons.

Choose the Conservatory that is Right For You.

Styles: There are many styles available ranging from the very popular Victorian conservatory, the Edwardian conservatory, sun lounge style conservatory to a bespoke design conservatory for you.

Added features: There is a choice of roof glazing options with different thicknesses available. Other choices include roof vents, floor choices, full height walls or dwarf walls, climate control and decorative glass.

Home Improvements For A Great Deal Less.

Savings: Windows and doors are the biggest causes of escaping heat in a home, making you waste money on heating bills during winter. Double glazing can save you money. For example, by replacing your old windows with our double glazed windows and doors you could save over 20% on your annual bills!

Design: With many years of experience, we’ve developed designs and styles to suit just about any home. Want to try something unique and different? No problem – you can mix and match from a range of window and door designs to suit you.

Security: Replacement double glazing can help secure your home. Our double glazed windows and doors come with a highly-effective, unobtrusive security system built in.

Durability: Along with the amazing quality of the designs comes the durability – we’ve studied the Spanish weather patterns & our double glazed and low-maintenance UPVC products can handle just about anything the weather can throw at them. No rotting frames or faded colours – just quality that lasts!

10 Year Warranty

So tough and durable are our range of double glazing and UPVC products that they only need minimal maintenance. No faded colours, no warping – they are built to last! To show how confident we are about the superiority of our products, we made our 10 year warranty transferable to new owners!

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